Paul Ryan; Learning to be HUMBLE.

January 20th, 2017.

Paul Ryan sits at the inauguration of Donald Trump. He feels happy, excited, that his Party has regained control of the White House, even if it is in the hands of Trump. But he knew that he was the future of the Party. He knew that one day he would be the one delivering the speech from that famous podium. He could certainly dream, and was already doing so.

A little into the inauguration, Ryan was beginning to get bored, a bit distracted. He began quietly rapping to himself. Eminem, Mac Miller, Action Bronson, Yelawolf etc. He knew in that moment that he was the coolest Politician in the entire country. He allowed himself to crack a little smile, before resuming quietly rapping to himself. Today was a good day.

Suddenly, he realised that the cameras might be on him. He was the Speaker of the House after all. He was important. He IS somebody. He matters. “My life matters” he whispered to himself. More importantly, if he is planning to run for the nomination down the line, he has to be “down with the kids.” He wondered if anyone still said that before reassuring himself that they did. He was cool. He knew it. But just to validate his coolness, he decided to make an ambitious move, a calculated risk. He had heard of this trend and knew what it was. He had seen Cam Newton do it, so it must be cool, right?

Ryan decided to go for it. Preparing himself, he sat more upright than he was before. He cleared his throat and made his move. 


He dabbed on everyone. He was so cool. He knew it, and now everyone else did.

This had not gone unnoticed. The crowd begin to murmur, “did Paul Ryan just dab on us?”

Feeling happier than at any point in his life, he went back to quietly rapping to himself, content that he was now the most popular Politician in the entire U.S. He smiled to himself once more. “My work here is done.”

He couldn’t wait for this administration to truly start.


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